Label Caravan


The Secret Church Orchestra

Pop compositions with hints of electro and classical music, which cross a head voice, rhythmic sounds extracted from Nature and cared strings. (France)

Bèrtran Ôbrée

Gallo singing, oïl language of Upper Brittany. An experimental music based on contemporary influences which makes the verb sound. (France)

Asad Khan

Indian classical music show from this famous solo sitarist of the soundtrack of « Slumdog Milionaire ». (India)

Violin Brothers

Indian classical music concert with these virtuosos violonists brothers from North India. (India)

India Noz

The meeting of Olli & The Bollywood Orchestra with Eostiged ar Stangala, Celtic dance Ensemble from Brittany. A creation with 10 Indian musicians and 12 to 24 dancers. (India/Brittany)

Olli goes to Bollywood

Live music and video show with the best musicians of Bollywood. String orchestra, indian percussions, electronic sounds and rhythms. (India/France)


A unique vocal solo around sacred melodies and world harmonies or a mixed trance in DJ set. By Olli - French singer, musician, composer and producer fond of Indian music - who’s been performing all over the world for more than 20 years, with the Bollywood Orchestra (France).

Zara Moussa

Real pionneer in women’s hip hop in West Africa, with committed and activist lyrics, ZM can be heard and speak on behalf of the voiceless. Hard hitting hip hop style with heavy rhythms mixed with African melodies. (Niger)

Live Film Concerts

Ollivier Leroy and Pierre-Yves Prothais’ live film-concerts

Since 2000, singer-songwriter Ollivier Leroy and percussionist Pierre-Yves Prothais have been composing and performing over short and medium length films made between 1905 and our present days.

Pierre Payan and Eric Philippon’s live film-concerts

Pierre Payan and Eric Philippon are former musicians, composers and performers of French band La Tordue (1989 – 2003). Eric Philippon plays alongside Loic Antoine. Pierre Payan has worked with Olivia Ruiz, Les Epis Noirs...

Ignacio Plaza‘s live film-concert

Since 2008 Ignacio Plaza has been regularly composing and performing over silent films at La Cinémathèque française de Paris. Playing the piano, keyboard, clarinet, melodica, acoustic bass and sound effects.

Pierre Payan and Nicolas Méheust’s live film-concert

Former musician of the French band La Tordue, Pierre has also played with many other bands. Since 2005 he composes and plays the actor-musician on stage with the Cie Udre-Olik.

Ludo Mesnil & Sharluber’s live film-concert

Musicians Sharlubêr and Ludo Mesnil revisit these poetic, funny and colorful short films through a musical and sound creation which combines smoothness and energy.