The Secret Church Orchestra

2010 / 9 tracks
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"Contreo" (2010) is a project by Ollivier Leroy (Olli & the Bollywood orchestra). All the tracks are sung in English, the music is a mix of pop and baroque music, with a dash of electronic sounds.
Klaus Nomi will obviously come to mind, with his "Cold Song" adapted from Henry Purcell’s "King Arthur", or eunuch voices brought to popular knowledge by Farinelli, as well as composers such as Wim Mertens.
Thought and composed between 2008 and 2009, the album was recorded with Jean-Philippe Goude’s ensemble at « Ramsès 2 » Studio in Paris in 2009 september and mixed in 2010 february by Philippe Teissier Ducros (Arthur H, Vincent Segal, Michel Portal, Thomas Fersen, Duoud, Rokia Traoré…) at Boxon Studio (Paris).