Musicians Sharlubêr and Ludo Mesnil revisit these poetic, funny and colorful short films through a musical and sound creation which combines smoothness and energy.

Singer, songwriter, performer, for both children and adults, Sharlubêr has played for years with his guitar, musicians, vocal noises, musical toys, etc. Since his debut, he has always written for young audiences. His performances which he creates either alone or with other companies, go from songs to theater or puppet shows.
He has released CDs for adults under the name Sharluber and others for children under the name Compagnie Sharlalune.
He is playful, jumpy, teasing and caring... as are his performances and records.

Guitarist, Ludo Mesnil has played since the 90’s with several bands ranging from rock to funk, French song to blues (Tayfa, Unlimited blues Time...). His encounter with Didier Squiban has made him discover the world of Celtic and traditional music. It also lead him to share the stage with Manu Lann Huel, the Bagad Kemper, Dan ar Braz...
Studio work also takes up a big part of his time – recording, arrangements, artistic direction, musician sessions – he has collaborated on over one hundred records since 1999. Currently Ludo plays with Olli & the Bollywood Orchestra, Contreo and Zara Moussa but also with Gwendal, Barock’n’Roll and L’Ensemble Matheus.

Sharlubêr and Ludo have composed and recorded together since 2004.

The live filmconcert of the Cie Luluberu

Fly away to meet ducks, sparrows and all kinds of birds that have great desire to discover the world !
Musicians Sharlubêr and Ludo Mesnil revisit these poetic, funny and colorful short films through a musical and sound creation which combines smoothness and energy.
By using strings, wind instruments and also songs, mouth sounds, percussion and various toys, the Cie Luluberu invites you to an amazing, initiatic, burlesque and aerial journey.
Besides their respective projects, Sharlubêr and Ludo have collaborated for several years in various musical projects – shows and records – for adults and children ( and
Through all these experiences and complicity, the film concert project combining sound and performance with picture has naturally emerged, especially since the songs by Sharlubêr are often already built like a little scenario.

Created in 2013
Length: 35 minutes
Five short length animated movies

The films:
1. The Propeller bird
Animated drawing / color / 2005 / Germany / Length : 5’
Directors : Jan Locher, Thomas Hinke
Three little sparrows are merrily singing in a sunny forest glade when a strange large bird with a propeller on its back interrupts them.

2. Maestro
Digital animation / color / 2005 / Hungary / Lenght : 5’
Director : Geza M. Toth
Five minutes before his big show, the Maestro is getting ready with the help of a mechanical arm...

3. Whistleless
Drawing / color / 2009 / Denmark / Length: 5’
Direction and adaptation: Siri Melchior
In the land of colors, everyone can whistle. Everyone but a sparrow unable to produce a single sound.

4.The happy duckling
Drawing on paper, 3D / color / 2008 / GB / Length: 8’
Direction and adaptation: Gili Dolev
A little boy and a strange duck find out that it is sometimes necessary to be cruel to be kind.

5. Whale bird
Animated papercut / color / 2011 / France / Length: 7’30
Director: Sophie Roze
It’s the story of a strange bird who lives underwater and a little girl, Lena, who lives in the city. Both become friends to share intimate moments.

Show sequence :
The musicians introduce their instruments
Film show
The show ends with music
The audience can take a closer look at the instruments before leaving the venue

« Music and picture » workshop :
Optional, in addition to the show, limited capacity
Length : 45 minutes
Capacity : 20 to 30 people


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