Indian classical music concert with Deb and Jyoti Sankar Roy, virtuosos violonists brothers from North India. (India)

Borned in a family of classical musicians in Kolkata, Deb and Jyoti Sankar Roy started to receive their violin training from Mr Mhir Gupta at the age of eight and played professionally at the age of eighteen. Graduated of « Licenciate Trinity College Of Music », in London in 1987, they manage now a music school in Kolkata where they train new violonists generations.
The virtuosos brothers had the opportunity to play under the music direction of great maestros such as Pt Ravi Shankar, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Mr Zubin Mehta (conductor of New York Philharmonic orchestra). They also played in back ground music of the last ten films of great film director Mr Satyajit Ray.
Beside classical music, Deb and Jyoti are open to different genres of music like pop, jazz, world music. They compose their own style in the form of world music. They recorded their first album «Violin Brothers» in 2001 from Times Music, Mumbai. After the first, they recorded the other album of great importance «Bandish Symphony» composed by Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and arranged and played by the brothers themselves.
They have been performing with their group since 1998 in India and abroad. The most remarkable venues are Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, Forum in Barcelona, festivals in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco and in the prestigious Moscow Conservatory.
Recently, Deb and Jyoti participated and made ​​arrangements strings for four songs of Thomas Fersen’s latest album.
They both play from the beginning with Olli & the Bollywood Orchestra.
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