Gallo singing, oïl language of Upper Brittany. An experimental music based on contemporary influences which makes the verb sound. (France)

Since 2000, Bèrtran Ôbrée explores the Gallo singing (oïl language of Upper Brittany). He develops an original aesthetic, first with the band Ôbrée Alie (which performed on stages such as Transmusicales in Rennes, Vieilles Charrues in Carhaix or Théâtre de la Ville in Paris), then with the trio he forms with Erwan Bérenguer (guitars) and Julien Stévenin (double-bass).

This time away from Breton tradition, he made the choice of an experimental music based on contemporary influences. It is also a renewed voice that emerges; Bèrtran Ôbrée expands vocabulary and his voice makes the verb sound.

The trio signed a musical UFO with its first creation “Olmon e olva" (literally "up and down"). The directory is the result of a process of musical co-writing. On each piece previously arranged by the three musicians, Bèrtran Ôbrée composed the words in his heart language.

A world thus appeared, marked by a textual and sound unit, highlighting the poetry of a modern language.

Line-up :

Singing / lyrics > Bèrtran Ôbrée
Electric and acoustic guitars > Erwan Bérenguer
Double-bass > Julien Stévenin

9-11 rue de Dinan
35000 Rennes

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