Former musician of the French band La Tordue, Pierre has also played with many other bands. Since 2005 he composes and plays the actor-musician on stage with the Cie Udre-Olik. Self-taught musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger, Nicolas moves between rock-techno (Strup X), progressive rock (SHtOK), French song (Dominique A), Tuareg blues (Desert Rebel), improvisation (Chjen Vert), Celtic music (Alan Stivell) and soundtracks for films and documentaries.
Pierre and Nicolas have shared the stage several times, for concerts and even for film-concerts when Nicolas fills in for Fil, Pierre’s regular partner. It is the first time they collaborate on the actual creation of a film-concert.

T’es qui ? Created in 2012 / 35 mn / from the age of 3 / a medium and a short length films made in 2008 and 2009

More than just a soundtrack, their original score, alternately acoustic, electronic, electrical, can’t be classified as it goes through various music genres. The numerous ingenious instruments used illustrate this variety: : electric guitar, small piano , duck decoy, homemade noisebox, accordion, xylophone, whistle, synthesizer, Nintendo DS and several other ones, more or less academic. A rich and surprising musical universe that awakens the senses.

The films :
Lost and found / Philip Hunt – based on Oliver Jeffers children’s picture book / 24’ / 2008 / UK
Monstre sacré / Jean-Claude Rozec / 10’ / France

A dragon accidentally born amongst ducks, a penguin arriving one morning at a young boy’s home... Over the misadventures and extraordinary adventures of these characters arise the questions of appearance and differences ... Or to keep it short, the relationship we have with one another.

Show sequence:
The musicians introduce their instruments
Film show
The show ends with music
The audience can take a closer look at the instruments before leaving the venue

« Music and picture » workshop:
Optional, in addition to the show, limited capacity
Length: 45 minutes
Capacity: 20 to 30 people


9-11 rue de Dinan
35000 Rennes

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