Ignacio 5Since 2008 Ignacio Plaza has been regularly composing and performing over silent films at La Cinémathèque française de Paris. Playing the piano, keyboard, clarinet, melodica, acoustic bass and sound effects. At the same time, he works in various audiovisual disciplines and scenic experiments that continually feed the material used and the language of sound. This approach allows him to create, during its film-concert sessions, a symbiosis between film and music.
He is about to tour in the Cervantes Institutes of New Delhi and Tokyo and in the international silent movies festival of Manila with the Spanish recently restored film La Casa de Troya.
His activities in the field of music are just as numerous: member of Les Ongles Noirs, he collaborates in several projects around the French song. He is also involved in collective improvisation, practices the Soundpainting (within the QLO Orchestra and the collective Trafic), leads several jazz bands (Ossia ensemble), and works for the theater.

Koko, Felix, Gertie and Co.
Created at La Cinémathèque de Paris in 2011 / 36 mn / five black & white short films made between 1914 and 1924 / from the age of 2.
When the cinema appeared, many illustrators were pleased at the idea of being able to move their characters. The cartoonist Winsor McCay gave life to Gertie the Dinosaur; the Fleischer brothers invented a cartoon series about Koko the Clown, a character in a book that comes out of the inkwell to live his own life on the screen. Similarly Felix the Cat quickly became a movie star before becoming a comic strip hero. Koko, Felix, Gertie & Co. captures the magic of early-animated films.

The films :
Gertie the dinosaur
Winsor MacCay / 8’23 / B&W / 1914 / USA
After a visit to the Museum of Natural History, Winsor MacCay bets with George Mc Manus that he can bring back to life the dinosaur whose skeleton they’ve seen.

Invisible ink
Dave and Max Fleischer / 7’54 / B&W / 1921 / USA
From 1917 with the series Out of the Inkwell, the Fleischer brothers create the modern cartoon. Sat behind his drawing board, Max creates the character of Koko, makes it get out of the inkwell and brings it to life, like magic. Skilfully mixing real shots and animation, the movies thus made fascinate by their lightness, drollness and technical virtuosity. Rotoscoping is only one of the many inventions used in this series by Betty Boop and Popeye’s fathers.

Making cartoons is common. But making them in invisible ink much more of a challenge! And here is another cause of disagreement between the illustrator and his little clown. A disagreement which ends in a bombardment... by blows of bottles of India ink, in order to force the rebellious drawing back to his inkwell.

Trip to Mars
Dave and Max Fleischer / 4’59 / B&W / 1924 / USA
Koko goes on Mars and makes some strange encounters. After a few adventures, he will find safer to take shelter in his inkwell.

Felix in Hollywood
Pat Sullivan / 7’29 / B&W / 1923 / USA
Felix goes to the capital city of cinema. There, he meets Chaplin, Turpin, Fairbanks and all the great movie stars.

Felix in Fairyland
Pat Sullivan / 7’02 / B&W / 1923 / USA
Felix meets Miss Muffett, an old lady who lives in a shoe. He will help her whole family to relocate in the castle of the ogre.


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