Olli goes to Bollywood

Album Olli goes to Bollywood
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Label Caravan / Avel Ouest / Coop Breizh

The third album of Olli & the Bollywood Orchestra, tells the story of a Breton singer who fell in love with a Bollywood movie star and travels all around India to look for her. Themes, rhythms, everything is set to bring to the audience emotions of a film from Bollywood with this spicy album. Olli went there in search of the inimitable Indian sound. The album was recorded in Chennai (Madras) in the studios and with the musicians of AR Rahman - the famous Bollywood music composer of Slumdog Millionaire - along with a large string orchestra, the best instrumentalists and the singer Kavita Baliga. The album was mixed in England in the Real World Studios by Marco Migliari.
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