Zara Moussa

Real pionneer in women’s hip hop in West Africa, with committed and activist lyrics, ZM can be heard and speak on behalf of the voiceless. Hard hitting hip hop style with heavy rhythms mixed with African melodies. (Niger)

Zara Moussa

A unique hip hop style where western sounds and rhythms mix with african melodies (Niger)

35 years old Zara Moussa lives between the river and the desert, in Niamey, the capital of Niger. ZM took up the challenge of entering Niger’s rap scene as a woman, so she could be heard and speak on behalf of those without a say. She is a real pioneer in women’s hip hop in West Africa. She started by covering anthems of well known singers, playing with Niamey’s Wiza Orchestra, amongst others. In 2002, she wins the rap contest organized by the French Embassy with her track "Femme Objet". This enables her to record her first two singles. ZM then builds up a name and a steady reputation amongst the hip hop crowd. In February 2005, she releases "Kirari", her first self-produced album. It is also the first female solo rap album in West Africa.

ZM is a very open minded artist who looks for inspiration in the respect of her country’s culture. She speaks to her audience in French, in Djerma, or in Haoussa. Zara imposes a sometimes poetic, explosive, and always hard hitting hip hop style where western sounds and rhythms mix with african melodies. With her rugged voice, this young artist expresses her rage against any form of injustice, especially those made to women or those suffered by Africa and its youth. She speaks about violence, marriage or love without any taboos. She cries out the words many can only think quietly. ZM has found a special place in Niger’s heart.



Rapo (version 2008)
Rapo (version 2012)
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