Pop compositions with hints of electro and classical music, which cross a head voice, rhythmic sounds extracted from Nature and cared strings. (France)

An abandoned church. An isolated place where yet emanates a mysterious presence. In this sacred place, one single and cold man, cut off from the world, relives his yellowed dreams, lost loves, strong and fleeting joys. He sings, until hearing a band around him, profane in this mystical place, rekindle his past he thought was buried. Is he dreaming?

The new electro-pop-classical project from Ollivier Leroy (Olli) tells this dreamy and mystical story. Served by the one and magical head voice of the artist, it sounds like the continuity of the musical UFO “Contreo” (2010).
The musical universe, this time more modern, echoed those of Icelandic band Sigur Rós or of some Radiohead songs.
The compositions are pop oriented and the lyrics in English, written by the journalist and writer Audrey Guiller.
Vincent Raude and Olli designed the electro touch, from acoustic or rhythmic sounds gleaned from Nature. Gives it a vibrant electronic material that reinforces emotions and pictorial images of the pieces.
The string arrangements, meanwhile, were made by Jean-Philippe Goude (Dick Annegarn, Odeurs, Renaud who owes him the theme of « Mistral gagnant »), composer of numerous French TV shows themes and film scores.

The Secret Church Orchestra can be booked in several versions :

  • - acoustic : piano / string quartet / head voice.
  • - electric : with machines and bass guitar added.
  • - with a children’s choir (for a few exceptional shows).
9-11 rue de Dinan
35000 Rennes

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