India Noz

The meeting of Olli & The Bollywood Orchestra with Eostiged ar Stangala, Celtic dance Ensemble from Brittany. A creation with 10 Indian musicians and 12 to 24 dancers. (India/Brittany)

India Noz

A show with 10 Indian musicians and 12 to 24 Celtic dancers from Brittany. (India/Brittany)

With their cross-cultural and multidisciplinary stage experience in Brittany and worldwide, Olli & The Bollywood Orchestra and Celtic dance Ensemble from Brittany, Eostiged ar Stangala, did not know but they had a common fascination: India.
Their meeting naturally gave birth to a creation where traditional instruments from Brittany (bombs, biniou Koz...) are replaced by their Indian counterparts with similar tones, accompanied by percussions.
This show, based on traditional dances from all territories of Brittany (An dro, Gavotte, Anter dro...), takes the form of a real « Indian Fest-Noz », where choreographies are performed in pairs, chain, or round on the original tracks of Olli & The Bollywood Orchestra or rearranged popular tunes from Bollywood.
A unique mix!

A Label Caravan / Festival de Cornouaille (FR), Triskell Pont-l’Abbé (FR) co-production. With support from : French Institute / City of Rennes / Rennes Metropole / Brittany Region.

Olli & The Bollywood Orchestra : on Label Caravan’s website / project’s website
Eostiged ar Stangala Ensemble : website




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