1 - Lift the moon

Created in 2011. A co-production between Label Caravan, Theatre Lillico Festival Marmaille and Espace Beausoleil Pont-Pean with the support of the Region Bretagne.
50 mn / for children from the age of 3. Eight animated films made between 2002 and 2010.
Ollivier and Pierre-Yves set foot in the land of children’s particular world of make-believe.

The films
Lift the moon (Monsspaziergang)
Jutta Schünemann / 5 mn / colour / Germany / 2004
A little man climbs up the ladder to reach the moon. It then falls from the sky and becomes very mischievous.

Bave circus
Philippe Desfretier, Nicolas Dufresne, Sylvain Kaufmann, Martin Laugero
4 mn/ colour / France / 2008
A little boy is fascinated by snails: 1 2 3 showtime! Bave Circus takes us very far away from reality. A great journey into the irrational world of make-believe!

La passeuse d’âmes
Julie Ferrand / 4 mn / colour / France / 2010
It is the story of Anna, a setter of souls who is bored on her lost Island in the middle of the desert. One day, a child slips in the middle of a convoy of souls and disturbs the dullness of her life. (Qëhnelö is a word from New Caledonia, which means the door, the passage).

Laurent Harduin, Victor Phrakornkham, Delphine Bourgois, Pierre-Vincent
Cabourg, Fanny Vergne
6 mn / colour / France / 2008
What’s going on over the shelves of candies in a supermarket? An undeniable sweet tooth, be careful about indigestion!

Tolga Ari, Romain Blanchet, Remy Hurlin, Georges Huang
3 mn / colour / France / 2010
A sequence of events will force Hezarfen to achieve the first human flight.

Le trop petit prince
Zoia Troffimova
7 mn / colour / France / 2002
When the sun rises on the horizon, a fussy little man strives, with tenacity and all possible means, to clean the stains of the beautiful shining star.

Knitted nights
Gil Alkabetz
6 mn 20 / colour / Germany / 2009
An ambitious granny has made up her mind to knit a sweater for the moon, but she did not consider in her calculations that her "customer" grows and decreases.

Beau voyage
Samuel Ribeyron
8 mn 30 / colour / France / 2010
Going around the world requires a compass in the heart and in the eye. One must know the North, the South, the East, the West and the five continents.

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