Pierre Payan & Eric PhilipponPierre Payan and Eric Philippon are former musicians, composers and performers of French band La Tordue (1989 – 2003). Eric Philippon plays alongside Loic Antoine. Pierre Payan has worked with Olivia Ruiz, Les Epis Noirs...

1- Mecanics

Created in 2005 for the Travelling Junior Festival
Four short black and white films / 1924 to 1958
35 min / for children as young as 18 months

Using toy instruments borrowed from their children (bird boxes, small keyboards, sliding pipes and other strange objects such as plastic bags, pieces of paper, cooking pans, hole punchers...) the two musicians create a musical « bric-a-brac » over the pictures, making it a unique show.

The films:
The boreal merry-go-round
Scenario, puppets, animation and production by Ladislas and Irene Starewitch
12 min / 1958 / France
Coming down from the northern lights, the troika brings along Snowy to Brown and Rabbit. Under the playful eyes of Snowman, the new friends discover happiness and good feelings in the Christmas tree Merry-go-round’s whirlpool.
Cartoon factory: Koko draws
Produced by Dave & Max Fleischer
7’53 / silent film colourised version / 1924 / USA / cartoon and real images
Just out of the inkwell, Koko has to face a machine, which builds soldiers at a fast rate. Unfortunately, these soldiers are a bit too aggressive to Koko’s taste.
The Acrobats
Anonymous / 45’’ / silent film in black and white
A Sunday in Gazouilli
Produced by Ladislas and Irene Starewitch, after an original idea of Sonika Bo
12 min / 1955 / France / animated feature
It’s Sunday. Gazouilli and his brother drive to the country. On the way, they live a real adventure and make all sorts of new friends: turtle, rabbit, frog, mice, squirrels, dragonflies and butterflies. They share a feast around a genuine countryside meal.

« The soft, round, and cheeky soundtrack enhances the action, emphasizes the falls and makes the colours brighter. The extremely young audience (as young as 18 months old) also makes noises at times, and feels right at home among the cuddly toys or toy instruments, which create unknown sounds. It is also a delight for older audiences. » Ouest-France 5th March 2006

2- Goats and Birds

Created in 2010 / 35 mn / five short films made between 1995 and 2002 / from the age of 2

An adventurous journey into the countries of funny and colourful animals.

The films:
The Stork
Klaus Morscheuser / 7mn 30 / 2002 / Germany
Tired, struggling against gravity, trying not to lose its diaper, the stork is bothered by a bold sparrow who wants to know its mission. Patiently, the stork explains that its task is to deliver babies to hopeful couples. The sparrow tries to explain to the stork the reality regarding men, women and babies. In the end, only one question remains unanswered: what is there in the stork’s diaper?

Three goats
Heikki Prepula / 4 mn / 2001 / Finland
Three goats jump in the meadows in search of some flowers to eat. They notice an enormous pile of buttercups on the other side of the river, but the only way to reach it is to pass on a bridge kept by a very strange creature...

The great migration
Iouri Tcherenkov / 7 mn 53 / 1995 / France
A migratory bird loses its fellow creatures in the mist.

At the ends of the earth
Konstantin Bronzit / 7 mn 45 / 1999 / France
The adventures of a house in a fragile balance. Set on the top of a hill, it swings alternatively from right to left, to the great displeasure of its inhabitants.

Caged birds cannot fly
Luis Briceno / 3 mn / 2000 / France
Can caged birds fly? It seems not...


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