Ollivier Leroy and Pierre-Yves Prothais’ live film-concerts

Since 2000, singer-songwriter Ollivier Leroy and percussionist Pierre-Yves Prothais have been composing and performing over short and medium length films made between 1905 and our present days.

Ollivier Leroy and Pierre-Yves Prothais’ live film-concerts

Since 2000, singer-songwriter Ollivier Leroy and percussionist Pierre-Yves Prothais have been composing and performing over short and medium length films made between 1905 and our present days. Skillfully mixing compositions and sound effects, the two accomplice enrich the picture with a contemporary sound atmosphere. Whether they use afro-asian percussion, Indian harmonium, made up instruments, or voices going from lyrical to childlike to tribal, each piece is a genuine creation with shades of world, pop, or classical music, of improvisation and minimalist mood.

The musicians:

Ollivier Leroy
Vocals, keyboards, harmonium, samples, sound effects.
Ollivier Leroy is a pianist who has been composing and singing in various projects since 1995. Pandip, Shafali, Mukta, Olli&Mood and Olli and the Bollywood Orchestra were all inspired by Indian music. In Contreo, he uses exclusively head voices over chords or wind arrangements, mixing classical, pop and electronic music. With Zara Moussa he looks towards the hip hop of West Africa.

Pierre-Yves Prothais
Minimalist drums, percussion, sound effects, vocals.
Percussionist/drummer/vocalist Pierre-Yves Prothais is a live musician. He also composes picture-based pieces of music and creates soundtracks for various shows. Mainly influenced by African and Asian music, he uses a wide range of percussion, xylophones and instruments, which he builds himself.
His projects and collaborations: Ganga Mix, the Matzik trio, Issa Tchesso and Makida Palabre.

Their film-concerts

1 - Lift the moon

Created in 2011. A co-production between Label Caravan, Theatre Lillico Festival Marmaille and Espace Beausoleil Pont-Pean with the support of the Region Bretagne.
50 mn / for children from the age of 3. Eight animated films made between 2002 and 2010.
Ollivier and Pierre-Yves set foot in the land of children’s particular world of make-believe.

The films
Lift the moon (Monsspaziergang)
Jutta Schünemann / 5 mn / colour / Germany / 2004
A little man climbs up the ladder to reach the moon. It then falls from the sky and becomes very mischievous.

Bave circus
Philippe Desfretier, Nicolas Dufresne, Sylvain Kaufmann, Martin Laugero
4 mn/ colour / France / 2008
A little boy is fascinated by snails: 1 2 3 showtime! Bave Circus takes us very far away from reality. A great journey into the irrational world of make-believe!

La passeuse d’âmes
Julie Ferrand / 4 mn / colour / France / 2010
It is the story of Anna, a setter of souls who is bored on her lost Island in the middle of the desert. One day, a child slips in the middle of a convoy of souls and disturbs the dullness of her life. (Qëhnelö is a word from New Caledonia, which means the door, the passage).

Laurent Harduin, Victor Phrakornkham, Delphine Bourgois, Pierre-Vincent
Cabourg, Fanny Vergne
6 mn / colour / France / 2008
What’s going on over the shelves of candies in a supermarket? An undeniable sweet tooth, be careful about indigestion!

Tolga Ari, Romain Blanchet, Remy Hurlin, Georges Huang
3 mn / colour / France / 2010
A sequence of events will force Hezarfen to achieve the first human flight.

Le trop petit prince
Zoia Troffimova
7 mn / colour / France / 2002
When the sun rises on the horizon, a fussy little man strives, with tenacity and all possible means, to clean the stains of the beautiful shining star.

Knitted nights
Gil Alkabetz
6 mn 20 / colour / Germany / 2009
An ambitious granny has made up her mind to knit a sweater for the moon, but she did not consider in her calculations that her "customer" grows and decreases.

Beau voyage
Samuel Ribeyron
8 mn 30 / colour / France / 2010
Going around the world requires a compass in the heart and in the eye. One must know the North, the South, the East, the West and the five continents.

2 - « The Puppets Show » young audience version / all audiences version

Created in 2009. A co-production between Label Caravan, the city of Le Havre, Le Grand Logis with the support of the Region Bretagne, in association with the collective L’Arrosoir a Emile.

Ollivier and Pierre-Yves have picked seven rare movies made in three different countries between 1925 and 2006. This is a journey through the history of animated features and the various techniques used. A display of characters, puppets, rag dolls, paper, modelling clay or wooden characters.

« The Puppets Show » young audience version
40 min / for children from the age of 3
Six animated films made between 1925 and 2006

Xavier Andre, Guillaume Herent / 4 min / colour / France / 2003 / 3D
An inflatable pirate finds his peaceful life threatened by a mechanical bird.
On Robinson’s Island
Walter Lantz / 7 min / black and white / USA / 1925 / cartoon
Just like Robinson Crusoe, Walter Lantz and his two characters find themselves on an island inhabited by cannibals.
Doudka Vessolouchka
Lartchenko.S / 9 min / colour / Russia / 1978 / rag dolls
Doudka is a young farmer who only dreams of becoming a musician, but his family stands firmly against it until the day when...
Piotr Sagepin / 4 min / colour / Russia / 1992 / modelling clay
Edvard is a clay character who lives on the beach. One day, he meets a pretty girl and love transforms his world.
Something completely different
Alexandre Fedoulov / 3 min / colour / Russia / 1984 / cartoon
How to use a cow and a polluted environment to make a car run.
Simon Blanc, Vivien Cabrol, Arnaud Valette / 6 min / colour / France / 2006 / 3D
What if sheep were born in the foam of sea waves?

« The Puppets Show » all audiences version
One additional animated film
50 min – all audiences from the age of 4

Tulips shall grow
Georges Pal / 7 min / coloured version / USA / 1942 / wooden, metal and glass dolls
Jan is in love with Janette. Days pass by peacefully at the pace of the windmills until an army of bolts arrives and destroys everything along its path. But tulips will grow back...

3 - « The Little Mole »

A coproduction Les films du preau and Label Caravan
Created in 2007 with the support of the Region Bretagne
35 min / for the youngest audience, age 2 to 7
Four short films by Zdenek Miler / animated films / coloured version / 1965 to 1975

The little mole and the rocket / 9 min / 1965
The little mole and the umbrella / 8 min / 1971
The little mole and music / 6 min / 1974
The little mole and the desert / 6 min / 1975

The little mole lives in the forest, among many other animals. Her curiosity and enthusiasm lead her to live crazy adventures, which she overcomes with the help of her friends.

A great success in 2008/2009, this film-concert has been performed over 200 times throughout Europe since 2007. The show surprises the children as well as their parents with funny, dream-like and poetic pictures, along an appealing modern soundtrack.

4 - « Aladdin and the magic lamp »

Created in 2003 for the Travelling Junior Festival
35 min / all audiences from the age of 7
A film by S.A. Franklin and C.M. Franklin / 1917

A surprising medium length movie, where the main characters are played by children. Pictures take you to the heart of the medina (old town) of an imaginary Asian city, along an electro-Asian soundtrack of songs and strong rhythms.

« A real feast! Much more than just a soundtrack, it is a real creation, which mixes Asian, jazz, electronic sounds and percussion. A beautiful performance we would have loved to last longer... ». Ouest-France, 9th February 2003

5 - « The strange symphony »

Created in 2002 for the Travelling Junior Festival
35 min / all audiences from the age of 2
Six short films made between 1905 and 1930

The flower fairy
A film by Gaston Velle / 1905 / France / coloured feature
A light introduction to the show. The story takes place in a beautiful fairy-like landscape made of flowers and sounds.
The monkey race
Anonymous / 1909 / Italy
A funny movie about the pursuit of a monkey « man ». A genuine tribal atmosphere.
Koko on holidays
A Dave and Max Fleischer film / 1924 / USA
As close as you can get to the original cartoons of our childhood.
The strange symphony
Anonymous / 1909 / France
A crazy atmosphere around an Eastern Europe brass band.
Felix the cat in China
A Pat Sullivan film / 1930 / USA
The original version of mythical Felix the cat over a soundtrack of asian feel.
The cello gold prize
Anonymous / produced by Pathe / 1907 / France
The soundtrack goes from classical music to rock, trying to follow the extravagance of this cellist.

Six short films especially chosen for the youngest audience. Cartoons, colourised films using special effects from the early 1900’s. Each musical atmosphere is enhanced by sound effects. This brings a playful and dream-like dimension to the films, thus delighting all generations.

6 - « Best of »

50 min / all audiences age 5 to 99
Three shorts + one medium-length feature

The films:
The strange symphony
The monkey race
The cello gold prize
Aladdin and the magic lamp

Best suited to appeal to families and adults, this show displays the best film-concerts created by Ollivier and Pierre-Yves between 1999 and 2003.




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